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In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of developing Solana Substreams through examples. The Solana Substreams Explorer contains several modules performing basic and advanced aggregations on Solana data.

Before You Begin

Before you start coding, there are several dependencies you must install on your computer.

The GitHub Repository

The https://github.com/streamingfast/substreams-explorers GitHub repository contains all the Substreams Explorers currently available. You can simply clone the repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/streamingfast/substreams-explorers

The Substreams CLI

The Substreams CLI allows you to run, package, and visualize your Substreams. Make sure you have the CLI installed by following this simple tutorial.

Substreams Basics

You should be familiar with the basic Substreams terminology, which includes:

  • Manifest & Modules (understanding the difference between a map and a store module)

  • Protobufs

  • Packages

Take a look at the Develop Substreams section for more information on how to start developing Substreams.

The Solana Explorer

The Solana explorer includes several modules showcasing what Solana data you can extract with Substreams (it's easy and fast!). In the following sections, you will find out about the different functions you can use to easily get started with Solana.

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