StreamingFast Substreams documentation

Welcome to Substreams Docs

Substreams is a new technology developed by StreamingFast working with The Graph Foundation. The product provides extremely fast consumption and processing of indexed blockchain data.
This documentation serves as the main resource for understanding and working with StreamingFast Substreams.

Where to Start

The best places to begin the journey are to watch the introduction video, read more about what Substreams is, study the conceptual diagram, and then read through some fundamentals.
For developers looking to get started right away, first install the CLI tool and then start streaming with Substreams.
Additional information is available for understanding modules, and sample code with explanations can be found in the Developer Guide to further explore actual Substreams implementations.
Finally, visit the Substreams Template repository and Substreams Playground to get up and running quickly creating your very own blockchain data streaming solution.


Need help? Reach out!
Substreams is an open-source community effort, so feel free to suggest new topics, report issues, and provide feedback wherever it could be helpful. Please contribute through GitHub pull requests.


Please first refer to the general StreamingFast contribution guide for additional information.


Substreams is currently licensed under Apache 2.0.


The content described in this documentation was created with the author's absolute best effort. It is up to the reader to validate the accuracy of all content presented. Substreams is currently in development and the associated documentation may become outdated in some areas. Please feel free to reach out to report issues or outages.