The PubSub integration allows you to send blockchain data to a Google PubSub topic by emitting a specific Protobuf object in your Substreams: sf.substreams.sink.pubsub.v1.Publish.

Getting Started

If you are new Substreams, refer to the Develop Substreams section to learn about the main pieces of building a Substreams from scratch.

go install ./cmd/substreams-sink-pubsub
  • Create a topic in the Google PubSub Service, where the data of your Substreams will be sent.

  • Deploy your Substreams by using the PubSub CLI:

substreams-sink-pubsub sink -e <endpoint> --project <project_id> <substreams_manifest> <substreams_module_name> <topic_name> 
- `endpoint`: the Substreams provider endpoint that will be used to extract the data (you can find the endpoints available in the [Chains & Endpoints](../../references/ section.
- `project_id`: ID of the Google project.
- `substreams_manifest`: path to the Substreams manifest.
- `substreams_module_name`: name of the Substreams output module. The module must emit `sf.substreams.sink.pubsub.v1.Publish` data.
- `topic_name`: name of the Google topic where the data will be sent.

You can find some Substreams examples in the examples directory of the repository.

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