The Substreams:SQL service allows you to consume the data extracted from the blockchain through a SQL database.

Different Ways of Setting Up the SQL Consumption

Substreams offers two different ways of consuming data as SQL:

  • Using the Deployable Services (beta)

  • Using the SQL sink, which currently supports PostgresSQL and Clickhouse (recommended)

- Substreams:SQL Deployable Service (beta)

Use the Substreams CLI to easily send the data of your Substreams to a database. It also has support for dbt transformations, so it's great for data analyts!

You can deploy a new service by using the substreams alpha service command.

Hosted Service

The StreamingFast Hosted Service deploys a remote database in the StreamingFast servers, so you don't have to take of the infrastructure.

Local Service

If you want to manage your own infrastructure, you can set up a services environment locally using Docker.

Previous to the implementation of the Deployable Services, the Postgres Sink was used to send data to a database. This is still available and there are a lot developers using it.

Module Requirements

In order to the send the data to a SQL database, your Substreams must have a db_out module that emits DatabaseChanges objects.

The DatabaseChanges object is something that the Postgres sink can understand, thus acting as a conversion layet between the data model of your Substreams and the table structure of the database.

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