GUI Reference

When running Substreams through the CLI, you can use two different commands: substreams run and substreams gui. The substreams run command prints the output of the execution linearly for every block:

However, this is not a useful approach when dealing with complex Substreams (i.e. with several modules and many blocks). The substreams gui command allows you to easily see the progress of a Substreams, move across blocks or search within the output.

The Substreams GUI is a command-line utility, so you use the keys in your keyboard to interact with it.


Launching the GUI

In order to showcase the different options of the GUI, the Ethereum Block Meta Substreams will be used as an example. By running the following command, you are executing the kv_out module, which retrieves outputs the data in a key-value format.

substreams gui -e kv_out --start-block 17712038 --stop-block +100

In your command-line terminal, you should see something like:

The Progress screen provides information about the Substreams execution, such as its status or the payload received. Once all the blocks have been consumed, the status is Stream ended. There are two other main screens in the Substreams GUI: Request and Output. You can move to a different screen by using the tab key:

You can restart the stream by pressing the s key.

To quit the GUI, press the q key.

The Output Screen

If you are in the Progress screen, press tab in your keyboard to move to the Output screen. In this screen, you can see the Protobuf output for every block. The image below shows the output for the block number 17712038 (the starting block).

You can see the output for other blocks by using the o and p keys. The o key takes you to the following block, and the p takes you to the previous block.

If you want to jump to a specific block, you can press the = key and specify the block number. Then, just press enter.

You can see the output of a different module by using the u and i keys. In the following example, you go from the kv_out module (the module specified in the CLI command), to the store_block_meta_end module.

Searching in the Output

To search for a speciifc text in the output:

  1. Press the / key.

  2. Introduce the text.

  3. Press enter.

In the following example, your search for the SET text.

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