Develop Substreams

Substreams is a technology that allows you to extract blockchain data in a fast and reliable way!

How Does It Work?

  1. The Substreams Provider

First of all, there is a Substreams provider. The Substreams provider takes care of storing blockchain data and making it available in a fast and reliable way

  1. Apply Your Transformations

In order for the Substreams provider to know which specific data you want to retrieve, you write a Rust program that defines the transformations that you want to apply to the blockchain data.

  1. The Substreams Package

Then, you pack your Rust program into a Substreams package.

  1. Execution of the Package

Lastly, you send the Substreams package to the Substreams provider for execution. The Substreams provider will start streaming data back to you ultra-fast!

  1. Consume the Data

Use one of the Substreams services to consume the extracted data (SQL, Webhooks, Stream, Subgraphs...)

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