Get Streaming
Make sure you first installed the substreams CLI.


To connect to the Substreams server you will need to get a StreamingFast authentication token. Follow these steps.

Run your first Stream

Once you have setup your StreamingFast authentication token and your CLI tool you can now run your Substreams.
substreams run -e \ \
map_transfers \
--start-block 12292922 \
--stop-block +1
Let's break down everything happening above.
  • substreams: is our executable (the CLI tool you installed)
  • -e is the provider that will run your Substreams
  • : Path to the Substreams you wish to run. This examples points to our template Substreams. This can be an .spkg or a substreams.yaml file.
  • map_transfers: this is the module which we want to run, defined in the manifest
  • --start-block 12292922: start mapping as of block 12292922
  • --stop-block +1 only request a single block (stop block will be start block + 1)\
Packages & Manifest
The example above runs a Substreams based on a published .spkg file (a.k.a Package). You can also run a Substreams by pointing it directly to a .yaml file (a.k.a Manifest).
You can think of Package as published Substreams that you can utilize and start streaming data right away.
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