Rust APIs

StreamingFast Substreams Rust APIs

Substreams crates

The officialSubstreams crate assists developers with creating module handlers.
There are also chain-specific substreams-[network] crates available:
Substreams support for NEAR, Cosmos Hub, and Osmosis is currently in development. Chain-specific libraries provide optional helpers, however the Substreams crate is sufficient to start for most setups.

Third-party libraries

Any third-party library capable of compiling wasm32 can be used for execution in Substreams services.
Many libraries compile kernel syscalls, or other operations, which are not available within the Substreams execution environment and will not successfully compile to wasm32 targets.

Tiny Keccak

The tiny_keccak crate is full of useful tools to assist developers working with Substreams and WASM.
tiny_keccak is an implementation of Keccak derived functions specified in FIPS-202, SP800-185 and KangarooTwelve.