Running Substreams locally
Running the StreamingFast Substreams service locally
It's possible to run Substreams locally by running StreamingFast Firehose on the same machine.

Download Firehose

Full information for the installation and operation of Firehose is available in the Firehose documentation.
The full source code is available in the official Firehose GitHub repository.
Firehose can be built from source or installed using a Firehose Docker release.

Get some data

The following code will instruct Firehose to generate merged blocks files to use with Substreams.
# Downloads 2.6GB of data
fireeth tools download-from-firehose \ \
6810000 6820000 \
# You can skip this one:
fireeth tools generate-irreversible-index ./localblocks ./localirr 6810000 6819700

Write a config file

Use the following for the Firehose configuration file. Additional information is available in the Firehose documentation.
- firehose
log-to-file: false
common-blocks-store-url: ./localblocks
firehose-grpc-listen-addr: ":9000"
substreams-enabled: true
substreams-sub-request-parallel-jobs: 10
substreams-partial-mode-enabled: true
substreams-rpc-endpoints: "$MY_SUBSTREAMS_RPC_ENDPOINT" # If using eth_calls
substreams-sub-request-block-range-size: 100
substreams-stores-save-interval: 100

Run the firehose

Start Firehose and pass it the config file.
$ fireeth start -c config.yaml

Run Substreams with Firehose

Run the substreams command against the Firehose deployment using the following command.
substreams run -p -e localhost:9000 # ...
The -p flag indicates plaintext, running insecurely against the unsecured Firehose local server.
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