Installing the CLI
Installation instructions for the `substreams` command-line interface.
Alternatively to installing the substreams locally, you can use Gitpod to get started quickly.

Installing the substreams command-line interface

The substreams CLI allows you to interact with Substreams endpoints, stream data in real-time, as well as package your own Substreams modules.

From brew (for Mac OS)

brew install streamingfast/tap/substreams

From pre-compiled binary

Download the binary
# Use correct binary for your platform
LINK=$(curl -s | awk '/download.url.*linux/ {print $2}' | sed 's/"//g')
curl -L $LINK | tar zxf -
Check and use the latest release available

From Source

git clone [email protected]:streamingfast/substreams
cd substreams
go install -v ./cmd/substreams


Ensure that substreams CLI works as expected:
substreams --version
substreams version 0.0.12 (Commit 7b30088, Built 2022-06-03T18:32:00Z)