Installing the CLI

StreamingFast Substreams CLI installation

CLI Installation

The Substreams command line interface (CLI) is the main means of interacting with and using the product.
The CLI allows you to connect to Substreams endpoints, stream data in real time, and package custom Substreams modules.

Homebrew Installation

brew install streamingfast/tap/substreams

Pre-compiled Binary Installation

# Use correct binary for your platform
LINK=$(curl -s | awk '/download.url.*linux/ {print $2}' | sed 's/"//g')
curl -L $LINK | tar zxf -
Important: Check the official Github repository to get the latest CLI release available.

Substreams Source Installation

git clone
cd substreams
go install -v ./cmd/substreams
Important: Add $HOME/go/bin to the system path if it's not already present.

CLI Install Validation

Run Substreams passing it the version flag to ensure the CLI is working as expected.
substreams --version
substreams version dev
Note: Gitpod can also be used for Substreams rather than local installations.