Installing the Substreams CLI

StreamingFast Substreams CLI installation documentation

Install the substreams CLI

Used for connecting to endpoints, streaming data in real time, and packaging custom modules.
Tip: Check the official Github repository to get the latest substreams CLI release available.

Homebrew installation

brew install streamingfast/tap/substreams

Pre-compiled binary installation

# Use correct binary for your platform
LINK=$(curl -s | awk '/download.url.*linux/ {print $2}' | sed 's/"//g')
curl -L $LINK | tar zxf -

Installation from source

git clone
cd substreams
go install -v ./cmd/substreams
Important: Add $HOME/go/bin to the system path if it's not already present.

Validation of installation

Run the substreams CLI passing the --version flag to check the success of the installation.
substreams --version
A successful installation will print the version that you have installed.
substreams version dev
Note: You can also use Gitpod instead of a local installation.