StreamingFast Substreams developer guide overview

Developer Guide

The Substreams Developer Guide explains the process of building a Substreams implementation that tracks the ERC721 holder count for an Ethereum smart contract.
Tip: The Substreams developer guide is currently focused on an Ethereum Substreams implementation. The majority of the development tasks and workflow are agnostic to each blockchain being targeted by the developer.
Note: Example Substreams implementations for Solana, Aptos, and other chains are available for reference and study.
If you haven't done so already, reviewing the Substreams fundamentals and modules overview is helpful for getting up and running quickly.

Substreams Template for Dev Guide

The accompanying template associated with the developer guide is conveniently located in the official Substreams Template Github repository.

Substreams for Solana

A basic Substreams implementation for the Solana blockchain that demonstrates how to reference the chain-specific SPKG, endpoints, and data models.

StreamingFast Discord for Substreams

Connect with the StreamingFast core developers on Discord to find answers to questions and get assistance with authentication and other Substreams issues.